Gilliam Calls Atlantic County Democratic Chairman a Liar About $10k Check

County Democrats Face City Heat

The iconic Irish Pub hosted the Atlantic City Democratic Committee meeting on Monday night, Feb 5. Most of the evening was devoted to the infamous $10,000 check. Atlantic County Democratic committee Chairman Michael Suleiman was in attendance, as was Atlantic City Mayor Frank Gilliam. Gilliam pulled no punches and called out Atlantic County Democratic Chairman Michael Suleiman for not being truthful about the $10k check. More to the point, Gilliam called Suleiman a liar who was telling ‘bold faced lies.’

Gilliam: prime example of how the County tends to play the city against each other.

The missing $10K money was first brought to the group’s attention by Atlantic City Dem Chair Joyce Mollineaux. Originally, Joyce was not happy about the missing money, but eventually changed her mind and has sided / protected Mayor Gilliam.

Atlantic City Chair Joyce Mollineaux was ALMOST voted out from her position last night.

Gilliam has admitted to mistakenly signing and depositing the check. Why was it delivered to his campaign headquarters without instruction?

How was Gilliam campaign manager, Richard Winstead involved? Did he actively call the county in order to intercept the check? It looks like Atlantic County Democratic Chairman Michael Suleiman feels that way. Get-out-the-vote master; Craig Callaway, who attended the committee meeting with his brother, said YES, Winstead intercepted the check.

Gilliam says he doesn’t always look at the checks, he just signs and deposits them.

Tracking the movement of a $10k check from the Atlantic County Democratic Committee, that was deposited into the acct of mayoral candidate Frank Gilliam.

An AD HOC committee was formed to explore issues related to the alleged, improper TD BANK deposit.

Craig Callaway believes Gilliam and Winstead are playing the race card. That’s according Craig Callaway, during his appearance on the Harry Hurley Radio show on FEB 6. “White people trying to get black people out of office.”

Did Councilman Jeffery Fauntleroy ‘threaten’ the Atlantic City Democratic Committee treasurer? That’s what Callaway said during his radio interview.

Atlantic City Dem Committee Chair Joyce Mollineaux: County made a big mistake.

Most of the Democratic members want an investigation. A big question: Why did TD Bank accept a check made out to the Atlantic City Dem committee, to be deposited into a candidate acct not named on the check? How did the bank allow this to happen?

Michael Suleiman: We were victims in this too. We had no idea til 3 months later, that this check was deposited in another account.

Gilliam: If I was trying to steal, why would I report it to the ELECT?

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    1. I think Gilliam is the bold face liar. He’s not an honest person. He’s already been called out on his corruption tactics and his dishonesty by not keeping his word or paying those who lead him to his victory. He’s a Thief! He makes bold statements that are not clear and intimating in his tone. I say this crime should be thoroughly investigated by the authorities.

  1. I also look at a check carefully if it is made out to me, and that would especially be true if the check amount was $10,000. The truth may never be revealed, but I hope from this moment on, AC Government has better supervision on finances…as a matter of fact, better supervision on EVERYTHING.

  2. I think the local people need to read this.

    You HEAD DEMOCRATS, I wouldn’t trust, as far as I could throw them!

    They been doing WHAT THEY DO .. TO LONG!

    An now they may need a SCAPEGOAT?
    Or are TO MANY QUESTIONS (being Rightfully.. constitutional questioned? Being asked about the amendment to senate 1711[1] [A]?

    Anyway ..

    Official “ Department of Justice” notice:
    Former New Jersey Attorney General And Chairman Of The Port Authority Board Of Commissioners Pleads GUILTY To Bribery:

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