Gilliam Tells Callaway to F Himself. Chris Brown Won Due to Messenger Ballots?

Hurley & Callaway
Hurley & Callaway

Is Craig Callaway’s voter messenger service really that important for winning a local election? According to WPG Morning sh*t stirrer, Harry Hurley, that answer is YES.

Atlantic City Councilman George Tibbitt agrees with his bff, Hurley. “You don’t win without the Callaway vote.”

Craig Callaway is known for his well-oiled, vote-by-mail and messenger ballot operation in the Atlantic City area.

On Wednesday morning Jan. 3, Hurley said NJ Senator-elect Chris Brown owes his November ’17 election win to Craig Callaway’s support. Really. This surprised listeners who thought Hurley’s daily, and ultimately false accusations of Brown opponent; Colin Bell, was key to Brown’s win.

It certainly wasn’t Brown’s debate performance or the crazy TV & Radio ad spend that grabbed the Senate seat for Brown. It was just Callaway. Imagine that.

According to Hurley, Assemblyman Brown became a NJ State Senator simply because of Craig Callaway.

Atlantic City Mayor Frank Gilliam is another winning politician that must give full credit to team Callaway. That’s according to bff’s Hurley & Tibbitt. Gilliam’s win most certainly DID NOT come from strategic Broadcast, Print and Internet ads. Gilliam spent squat for advertising and he really didn’t have a platform to speak of. That’s because Frank knows that only the ‘Callaway Vote’ matters. Homeboy already had that locked up.

The controversial Callaway may have gotten stiffed by AC Mayor Frank Gilliam, who REFUSED to pay up according to Callaway.

Gilliam said: “he doesn’t owe the Callaways. He’s not paying the Callaways anything. Gilliam allegedly told the Callaway team to go ‘F’ themselves.

Tibbitt is very close to the Hurley family. Harry’s identical twin brother Don, was chosen by the multi-term Councilman-at-Large to handle some of his past election chores.

Councilman Tibbitt claims Frank Gilliam would’ve gotten his clock cleaned by Marty Small in the primary, if he didn’t get Callaway’s support.

Tibbitt also made it very clear that “Guardian would have lost to Langford without the Callaway vote.”

Callaway believes he had critical influence on at least 6 seats in the last election.

Frank Gilliam beat Don Guardian by a razor thin margin at the polls. Just 79 votes separated the two candidates. But with the help of those white vans directed by Callaway, Gilliam pulled 1,734 additional votes out of his you-know-what. Game over.

Was Team Callaway stiffed for a portion of their compensation? Yes. Craig Callaway: Actually, monies were owed to campaign workers associated with “Get Out The Vote.”

The reason Thelma Witherspoon lost in her bid to become Freeholder at Large: Monies weren’t paid to get the vote out for her. Gilliam had that money. “Go get your money back from Gilliam.” He (Gilliam) cost Thelma the election. Because of disloyalty of Gilliam, Thelma lost by just 200 votes.

“Thelma didn’t win. Frank was holding back the money. You can thank him for that loss.”

Callaway: There was a shortfall at the end. County democrats provided financial support & raised funds. They gave the money to the Gilliam campaign, in order to take care of “Get Out The Vote”. Mayor Gilliam REFUSED to pay. Gilliam said he didn’t owe us anything. We can go F ourselves. He’s not paying the Callaways. We all know that’s laughable. Frank will not pay. No honor, no integrity. Mayor Gilliam had the money.

If Don Guardian was able to keep Callaway’s support, he’d still be mayor today.

Tibbitt: Future candidates are trying to lock in Callaway now….2 years out from key elections.

How can you deny the power of Callaway? says Harry Hurley. The radio kingpin says Callaway was responsible for a winning Senator, an At-Large position, Sheriff, Council, Board of Education, the Mayor of AC, and positions in Pleasantville. 

Political flyers are a waste. Expensive too. Radio commercials proved to be a waste of money as well.

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