Gov Murphy: NJ Taxpayers Prop Up Failing Newspapers With $5 Mil Grant

NJ Governor Phil Murphy continued his push towards a more progressive state. Murphy announced that local taxpayers will now be supporting news organizations, with $5 million in subsidies.

Jeff Van Drew, New Jersey Democrats, Socialist candidates: in favor of State sponsored media.

Omaha News: Any news organization that is funded by government will be either overtly or covertly controlled by government, in at least some form or fashion…a picture of the burglar tossing a sedative-filled steak to the family watchdog comes to mind. Horrible idea.

Still, some harsh critics of the bill remain. From OBSERVER:

A recent op-ed published in POLITICO Magazine titled, “The State of New Jersey Wants to Subsidize News. Uh-oh,” questioned the journalistic integrity of government-funded journalism. The article points to the reluctance of state-sponsored sources such as PBS and NPR to go after the government aggressively enough.

“The fact that the consortium’s ruling body is top-heavy with government leaders and employees should give us pause,” POLITICO’s senior media writer Jack Shafer writes. “How can a nonprofit news organization directed by people in the government even pretend to be independent? Will it be able to criticize the governor? The Legislature?”

1 thought on “Gov Murphy: NJ Taxpayers Prop Up Failing Newspapers With $5 Mil Grant”

  1. You can bet the papers are left wing socialist rags that Gov. Murphy is using taxes money for. VanDrew is for that another reason to vote for Seth Grossman for Congress in District 2 in November, 2018.

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