Governor Hammers Atlantic City Mayor Again 4.5.2016

Choice words about Atlantic City….delivered by NJ Governor Christie on AP 5, 2016. Click to listen.

They stole. They have a 100 mil budget deficit. If he was CEO of a company, he’d be fired. They abandoned City of AC long time ago.

Cut 25mil? Congratulations. $75mil to go, buddy. Need a benchmark? Balance your budget

If this does not get resolved….other cities will get downgraded

I will not allowed taxpayers to be fleeced again

They are unwilling or unable to fix the problem. Outsiders may draw wrong conclusions about AC….shut down, closed

Christie: ‘I can’t trust him’. Did Prieto change Guardian’s mind?


1 thought on “Governor Hammers Atlantic City Mayor Again 4.5.2016”

  1. I don’t believe a thing our Governor says anymore. He should know something about wasting money. He sure took the state for a ride with his losing campaign for the GOP and then his sucking up to Donald Trump for who knows what job, all the while taking his full salary. If some other public worker did the same thing, he would be insisting they be fired.

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