Murphy Makes Strong, Rational Argument for Legal Marijuana in New Jersey

Can Governor Phil Murphy fulfill his campaign promise of turning New Jersey into a legal cannabis state? We think he’s getting closer, but it’s still no cake walk for the former Wall Streeter turned politico.

A likable, very liberal Murphy, has some real skin the game. He’s the father of four growing kids. Murph doesn’t take this weed issue lightly. WATCH VIDEO >

Didya know? New Jersey residents are more likely to be arrested for marijuana than almost anywhere in the USA.

New Jersey arrests more people for weed than almost any other state. See the list on

In 2016, New Jersey was third in the country in marijuana arrests.

New Jersey Arrests for Marijuana Possession or Distribution

  • Possession arrests in 2016: 32,263
  • Distribution arrests in 2016: 3,437
  • Total marijuana arrests in 2016: 35,700

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