Grossman Triggers Woke Democrats & Swampy GOP


Why did GOP anointed Vince Polistina back out of a promoted, NJ Senate primary debate with scrappy Seth Grossman?

Both are Republican State Senate candidates looking to beat lovable, yet unqualified Vince Mazzeo in November.

Listen to clips from WPG Radio.

WPG’s Hurley Triggered By Grossman

Seth Grossman for Senate: ‘By Vince Polistina avoiding this debate, is he admitting that I’m the stronger candidate? Maybe he’s not willing to fight as hard as me…. against ‘woke’ Democrats?’

Don’t underestimate Grossman. He’s a great fund-raiser that can beat the over-confident.

Stockton University and the League of Women Voters invited both NJ Senate candidates to an May 11 online debate via Zoom and YouTube .

Grossman is a former Atlantic County freeholder and Atlantic City councilman that got fairly close to upsetting Jeff Van Drew for a Congressional seat. In 2018, he beat Hirsh Singh who had the ‘official’ line endorsement from GOP county leaders.

“I think my opponent made a mistake, I am urging him to reconsider.”

Why is Vince Polistina avoiding a debate with Seth Grossman? Grossman accepted the debate invitation. Polistina said no.

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