Guenther Blasted for Plan to Divert Funds from Local Schools to ACIT.

ACIT School Superintendent Phil Guenther brigantine

A growing list of school districts oppose ACIT expansion plans as well as the county’s monetary contribution.

Parents are criticizing the ACIT, Atlantic County Institute of Technology application process endorsed by school superintendent, Phil Guenther.

ACIT is described as a private school running on public funding. That’s according to a recent story in the Press of Atlantic City.

A brutal $10 million dollar tax burden will be placed on the shoulders of Atlantic County taxpayers.

Superintendent Phil Guenther has been often accused of using public funds for not-so-public projects. Both Guenther and County Exec Dennis Levinson have been on the hot seat recently.

Levinson Supports Guenther Plan.

According to Harry Hurley Radio, Levinson failed miserably with COVID-19 safety protocols thru-out County buildings under his management.

Most recently, according to Hurley, Levinson pulled a fast one when he sprung a vote on County Freeholders. Former Freeholder Board Chairman Frank Formica was hired as the new Atlantic County Shared Services Coordinator. The position is new.

The salary appears to be set at $40,000. It’s a one year position with full taxpayer-paid fringe benefits. The Formica hiring wasn’t placed on an earlier agenda. It violated the County’s 12-day rule with respect to advanced notice to the public.

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Formica & Guenther. GOP Swamp Members?

Could the former Brigantine Mayor, Phil Guenther have questionable motives? ACIT and Guenther facing mounting criticism for hurting sending districts, as he boosts his own school district.

Guenther and Levinson blatantly ignore ethics and procedure. Both are not to be trusted.

Concerned parent.

“How can such a large increase in debt and taxes be considered without public discussion?” “I see no transparency.”

Example of Guenther manipulating school funding to benefit few:

In 2018, as Mayor of Brigantine, Guenther forced private pre-k school SEA-TOTS to close in order to artificially boost enrollment within Brigantine’s 2, half-empty schools, and win grant funding from the State of NJ. Read more >

Guenther and ACIT have faced increasing criticism as of late. ACIT denies negligence in responding to rape, bullying allegations. Read more >

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School Districts Demand Guenther and ACIT Cease Expansion Plans.