Hard Rock Chairman Touts Diversity Over Skill?

On May 25, Hard Rock Chairman Jim Allen addressed attendees of a community meeting presented by Hard Rock, Atlantic City.

Diversity is a priority for Hard Rock according to Allen. Then, comes the business of Hard Rock.

The death of George Floyd three years ago changed Allen. (see video)

I’m a white guy that doesn’t understand.

Jim Allen, Chairman of Hard Rock

Ethnicity and gender will now play a substantial role in the hiring of Hard Rock employees. Top Hard Rock casino management will reflect Allen’s diversity pledge.

  • 60% of Hard Rock employees are minorities
  • 57% of Hard Rock managers & supervisors are minorities
  • 23% of Hard Rock employees are from Atlantic City.
  • 62% of employees are minorities.
  • 40% are females. (not including upper management)

Note: Traditional news outlets did not cover this Hard Rock Community Town Hall. No Press of Atlantic City. No Breaking AC.

Most residents unaware of this public meeting.

According to Allen’s PowerPoint presentation, Hard Rock’s support of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion will include installation of gender neutral bathrooms. Allen did not discuss percentage of transgender or non-binary managers within Hard Rock upper management.

9,000 Hard Rock employees trained so far. THE LOOK workshop includes training in: Unconscious bias, Inclusion Circles, Diversity Round Tables and Diversity Committees.

Allen warned of New York casinos opening in near future but made no mention of Hard Rock’s interest in North Jersey gaming opportunities via Meadowlands Race Track.

NOTE: Plans moving forward to bring a casino to Long Island. Nassau County granted Las Vegas Sands a 99-year lease to develop area around Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, NY.

Allen: We have to be ready. AC is important to us. Our company has economic diversity. We will be able to withstand storms. Market may get stressed due to gaming expansion in lower part of New York.

The Hard Rock Chairman shared the latest Hard Rock investments.

  • Athens, Greece.
  • Barcelona, Spain.
  • Bristol, Virginia.
  • Rockford, Illinois
  • Bakersfield, California.
  • Jamaica
  • Las Vegas

NOTE: No discussion on crime, homelessness and drug abuse adjacent to Atlantic City’s Hard Rock property.

Missed America Hard Rock Gary Hill
Miss’d America at Hard Rock

Hard Rock is home to the popular Drag fundraising event called The Miss’d America Pageant.

Atlantic City Councilman Kaleem Shabazz was in attendance, Mayor Marty Small was not.

Jim Allen is Chairman of Hard Rock International.

Gender neutral bathrooms. Audience whispered: Does that mean men are allowed in women’s rest rooms and locker rooms inside Hard Rock?

Mayor Marty Small’s wife LaQuetta and AC School Board President Shay Steele, recently removed 2 remaining whistleblowers / members of the Atlantic City School Board. Both ACBOE members were white.

Hard Rock taking their eye off the business ball? Pandering. Virtue signaling.

Allen shared recent results: Reduction of white men in top management positions. Greater priority in hiring based on gender and skin color. Little discussion of hiring also based on merit, skill set and documented accomplishments.

On May 25, Allen held a community meeting at Hard Rock Atlantic City. Allen reportedly chastised by some in the audience for not using preferred pronouns.

No discussion of rising crime, violent school hallways, substance abuse.

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