Heated Phone Battle Between Atlantic City Mayor & Former Party Chairman

Sparks were flying during a radio call-in show featuring AC Mayor Don Guardian and former Atlantic City Republican Party chairman, Mark Padula.

Padula called into WOND Radio, as Mayor Guardian was running down his controversial list of accomplishments over the past 4 years.

Mr. Padula called out Guardian over the following:

  • Number of registered Atlantic City Republicans is getting lower.
  • Fund raising by the Atlantic City Republican County Committee has slowed.
  • No Republicans were elected to City office in last 20 years before Padula was Chairman.
  • Padula credited with key role in getting first white, gay, republican elected as Mayor.

Padula is not supporting the Atlantic City Mayor for re-election.

Guardian suffered a major brain fart as he forgot who the current chairman of the Atlantic City party is.

The Mayor confidently stated that a ‘Mr. Mike Lopez’ was the current chairman of the party and reaffirms it a second time before a caller sets the record straight.

Guardian has been dogged about the following during the campaign season:

  • Safety and crime Issues
  • Drug usage & rehabs inside the Tourism District
  • Increased city debt
  • Dramatically higher tax rates
  • The State takeover of Atlantic City
  • Foreclosures and lack of jobs
  • Support for Hillary Clinton during Presidential campaign
  • Lack of support for Republican Party
  • Endorsement by Democratic City Council President, Marty Small
  • Passive role at CRDA
  • Rising support of independent candidates Joeseph Polillo and Henry Hank Green


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