Heightened Security & Police for Stockton Atlantic City Debut

Stockton Atlantic City Safety Crime Alex Marino

The safety and security of students is a top priority for Alex Marino, Director of Operations at Stockton University AC. The following are some notes from a recent radio interview conducted with Marino.

Stockton Atlantic City hired their own police force, on duty, 24/7.

Foot patrols will also be seen in this Albany Ave region. Allied Security, a national firm, was also brought in to bolster safety around campus.

Marino: we’ll educate students, remind them they’re in an ‘urban environment. There are things you gotta worry about. Don’t go walking up streets at 2 am.’

Marino says he doesn’t want to be disruptive to Chelsea community of Atlantic City. But, with 2,000 students taking classes, 533 living on campus, Marino admits there will be disruption.

Over 100 classes. A new one focused on cannabis & marijuana studies. Students can also get a Masters in Social Work and Criminal Justice.

No need to go off campus to get a bite to eat.

Carluccio’s Pizza and other Italian fare., Chartwells will offer salads, wraps, sandwiches, coffee, etc. All open to the public. A book store will also be open to the public.

Question: Once Stockton acquires Atlantic Club, will yet another property will be taken off the city tax roles?

NJ has the most OUTWARD migration of high school grads. How do we keep kids here in South Jersey? Why do they want to leave? Once they’re gone, they’re pretty much gone for good.

Atlantic City has dark streets and roads in desperate need of repaving.

Homeless, drug-addicted and prostitution. Maybe that contributes to the outflow?

Shuttered KFC & Taco Bell in Atlantic City
Shuttered KFC & Taco Bell in Atlantic City

Did you know? KFC & Taco Bell closed their Atlantic City doors recently. Aggressive panhandling, homeless looking for shelter, and those suffering from addiction may have scared away patrons.

Another inconvenient fact. With 2,000 students coming to town….why would the ultra-popular APPLE store pack up and leave? Do they know something, we don’t?

Marino says students will snag many of the new jobs that’ll be made available on campus. To date, Real Estate execs note the substantial availability of vacant storefronts across from the school on Ventnor, Pacific & Atlantic Aves.

Will students venture out from the safety of the campus? Only time will tell.