Hillary Trash Talk Hurt Atlantic City, County-Wide Investment

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Bad For Business?

Letter to the Editor, from Carlo Losco > ( Hillary Clinton ) using Atlantic City as a backdrop for failure is no way to attract investment and save the city.

I’m working with foreign investment groups ready to pour billions into non-casino projects. It would create over 1000 sustainable jobs in AC. I hope her appearance doesn’t give them second thoughts about investing in AC, which would lead to more  job loss.

Hillary’s Dog n Pony Show on Atlantic City Boardwalk

Wednesday’s dog and pony show (on the Boardwalk in front of shuttered Trump Plaza) doesn’t represent or promote the opportunity, atmosphere or worker environment we want to be portraying during this fragile economic period.

If politicians would spend more time working on an emergency economic package to attract investment as opposed to chasing it away, we all would be much farther along in the revitalization process.

Maybe the mayor, city council or our state reps should had had taken the opportunity to request financial aid from Clinton if elected instead of a photo session.

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Yup. She really enjoyed her 20 minutes here.

The emphasis should be on creating a new job market not chasing jobs that will most likely go away after the November ballot expanding gambling to North Jersey. Let the citizens show unity in a way that will invite investment to create the jobs we need with real wages and benefits that are not tied to the saturated casino industry.

Clinton didn’t offer any help.

Clinton only offered the same rhetoric for her own personal gain, publicizing our problems for the world to see. Not very appealing to investors.

So now that both Clinton and Trump have put AC in the spotlight negatively let’s see how concerned they are by making a proposal to get our local economy back on its feet otherwise they are both continuing to hurt us.

If this was Detroit New York or any other major city in the US billions would be provided for the redevelopment to those economies but she didn’t come to town offering us a penny and used us as a back drop for her own gain. Maybe the citizens and our workers need to be in front of our politician’s doors demanding action.

We don’t need Clinton or Trump tarnishing our area any further.

We don’t need Clinton or Trump tarnishing our area any further unless they want to address the real story of how politics played a major role in our demise or that they are willing to present a plan of economic aid. I hope both of them stay far away from here in the upcoming months because once either is elected we won’t see or hear from them again. If they do come back hopefully all our workers, citizens and politicians stand side by side and confront them demanding the financial help we deserve.

I don’t care who is our president, governor, senator, or assemblyman…. as long as they deliver economic aid and tax reform to all Atlantic County residents now.

If we are that important for presidential candidates to come here and grandstand, then let’s see if they’re willing to put their actions where their mouths are. We need help and we need it now.

Carlo Losco, Northfield & Margate, NJ.


  1. You go boy with your work and comments, Lying Hilliary is the worse of the two evils.

  2. Steve, you need to improve your spelling of Hillary before you set yourself up as an arbiter of evil. Mr Losco, you should work harder and show some results and stop blaming Hillary for YOUR failure to close your “billions of dollars in foreign investments.” I’m sure your “foreign investors” have not backed out of investing in Atlantic City for Hillary speaking the truth. If you can’t close don’t blame it on Hillary. Blame yourself.

    What Hillary did was promote the name of Atlantic City to millions of people around the world and she did it on AC’s world famous boardwalk with the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean with throngs of people surrounding her. In my perch here in Malibu, California it made me proud of my home town. Mr. Losco, you should work harder and, if you can’t close your deals, you only have yourself to blame. Billions, really??

  3. Clinton is no friend to Democrats, she’s out for herself only.

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