Historic Republican Election Turnout? Grossman Upsets Van Drew?

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Historic Republican Turnout? Are The Polls WRONG Again?

In 2016 we all saw the failure of mainstream media as they all predicted Hillary would win… and she didn’t. Today we see polls showing the democrats reclaiming a house majority but perhaps we are seeing the same thing.

When I look at enthusiasm among Republicans, I can’t help but feel like this is 2016 all over again.

Get a load of these REAL comments posted on the TIM POOL YouTube channel. Remember, Pool is a proud liberal that doesn’t drink the far left, radical kool-aid.


Jay Sony AlphaLab:
I agree, the Republicans will keep the house and gain a few seats in the senate. The public in general is disgusted with the childish behavior that the left is not only calling for, but encouraging. The fringe that subscribes to this is less than 10% of the public at large… Just my opinion of course, but that is the feeling I get, and I live in NY… Trump is a black belt with the media and is always several steps ahead. It’s remarkable to watch how he plays them over and over again. They just double down and take the bait every time. The only thing they do have is threats of violence, and that may intimidate some people who are afraid of getting assaulted.

I ignore pollsters. I had someone show up at my door asking who I was voting for, I told him I wasn’t. I did that because there was a democrat at my door wanting me to answer a question to which he wouldn’t like the answer. After he left, I requested my absentee ballot to vote, and I reminded my absent conservative roommate to register. The Democrats might be in for a surprise.

Louix Griego:
I think they are also underestimating the effects of #WalkAway… Because more and more people are sick of the crazy, nihilistic left.

Uproarious Laughter:
Many people don’t answer polls due to shame. The media and pop culture made it so you could basically lose your job just for saying you’re Christian, conservative, or Trump supporter. We don’t trust pollsters or survey takers. I’m Puerto Rican, in NJ, I never voted before Trump and I’m still high from the win in 2016. I want more, I’m optimistic about the direction we’re going in, and trust me, I’m not alone. Make America Great Again!!!!!!

M Hu:
I’ll never vote for a political party that called for violence from its leadership. The democrats did this and I changed my party to independent. Now the democrats in the senate are calling hate for old white men. Now all you see on tv or in protests is your a white man or you have white privilege. These people are racist and evil. The democrats are still the confederacy and have nothing for minorities but a few free programs to buy their votes and other then that they despise minorities. I’ll vote republican mostly because I don’t like violence and people that believe I’m not capable enough to hear a speech and not instantly become a racist Nazi. The confederacy still lives in the Democratic Party. Just WOW how stupid do they think the general population is.

As a Center-Left person, I think the Democrats need to lose this one, because they have been screwing up. If the Democratic Party wins, some on the Far Left will consider this their victory and in full justification on their acts, such as Antifa’s violence, radical Feminist, support for open borders and let anyone in ideology. I don’t want the Democrats to win, they seem a sick party with sick ideas to me.

Michele A:
I don’t even think it’s simply an R vs D thing, or a liberal (*real liberal) vs conservative thing anymore. It’s now a sane vs bat shit crazy thing, and the D party promotes the crazies. Neither conservatives nor true liberals want this.

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5 thoughts on “Historic Republican Election Turnout? Grossman Upsets Van Drew?”

  1. The Atlantic County Republican Party leaders snubbed Trump at the convention also. It doesn’t mean a thing.

  2. Wow….all I can say, wow.
    Democrats are the party of violence? We have crazy Trump supporter/terrorist sending out mail bombs. We have shootings in schools/concerts/places of workship yet Trump and republicans remain pawns of the NRA…..Trump rallies constantly stoke fears against immigrants. We are a country of immigrants. It’s ridiculous.

    Let’s also not forget climate change….historic flooding in Atlantic County last weekend. Trump denies the science that insurance companies are embracing with their premiums. WAKE UP!!

    1. Immigrants , that came in legally, that were checked for diseases. Not ones that are here for freedom . They are here for the free stuff. They come in Illegally. They are so dumb, that they can speak spanish but can’t read or write spanish. They are not the next Einstein. How come the Post Office employees didn’t wonder why the return address was not in Florida? How come they returned the one for not the proper amount of postage when both addresses were the same. Fake Bombs. Why do blame our Great President Trump? The alleged bomber years earlier threatened to blow a power plant up. Was that President Trump’s fault?

  3. Tell me anything at all that VanDrew as done for Atlantic County. I can tell you plenty of things Seth Grossman has done for us here for free. Pilot Bill, Keep toll roads from being sold off.Gets the truth out about questions on elections. Saves us from taxes rising. VanDrew raises our taxes and fees.

  4. Seth Grossman, just has to work harder to get donations and he does. Seth will beat VanDrew, just like Trump beat Hillary Clinton. Seth beat out 3 others. The people voted and selected Seth, Just like they selected Trump. Trump beat out 15 others and the people spoke and voted , Trump won. The polls said they were both losing. The polls are rigged. surveying more Democrats then Republicans. What about Independents? What about the ones that won’t take surveys?

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