How to Tell The Positive Story of Atlantic City

For decades, if Atlantic City (or any of us) wanted to ‘get the word out’ about a news story, business plan or issue, they had to rely on local newspaper, tv or radio. we kept our fingers crossed that the resulting story, if promoted, was going to be accurate without bias or spin. Traditional media players have held a virtual monopoly on the sharing of community information since the dawn of the printing press and the broadcast tower.

Today, the Internet is now the #1 way that information is shared and consumed. That’s why we created An online place for positive news, information and discussion about the re-invention of Atlantic City. ACprimetime is influenced by some of the most successful online companies today; Huffington Post, Drudge Report, Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

Watch a quick video describing how is helping to ‘influence the narrative’….and telling the real POSITIVE story about the re-invention of Atlantic City.