Imagine Ventnor Interview. Kriebel, Holtzman & Landgraf. LISTEN >

Imagine Ventnor
Imagine Ventnor

Listen to the interview. Imagine Ventnor features the team of Tim Kriebel, Beth Maccagnano-Holtzman and Lance Landgraf. They’re candidates for those 3, soon to be available, Ventnor City Commission seats.

Election day is May 10 in Ventnor.

Imagine Ventnor joined Mel Taylor & AC Primetime Radio, live from the Playground Pier on Friday afternoon, April 8. Listen Here >

Tim Kriebel lives in Ventnor with his wife and daughter. Beth Maccagnano-Holtzman moved to Ventnor when she was 10 and lives on the same block as her childhood home. Lance Landgraf lives in Ventnor with his wife and two children.

Some topics discussed:

  • Their 100 day plan
  • The Ventnor Fishing Pier
  • New tenants for former Melelani building
  • How to improve the 5 Ventnor business districts
  • The potential for shared services
  • Bart Blatstein & design standards
  • Fundraisers. Endorsements from AC Mayor Guardian, Ventnor Mayor Bagnell & others.
  • Raising homes in Ventnor; streamlining process. Instead of 4-6 months, bring it down to 30-45 days
  • Ski beach upgrades
  • A new City web site

Imagine Ventnor

imagine ventnor


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