Van Drew Hammered By Congressional Democrats

Jeff Van Drew, dentist and former state senator, is the first Democrat to represent NJ’s Second Congressional district since 1995. While retired congressman Frank Lobiondo was often accused of paving the way for Van Drew, much of the blame for losing this seat was place squarely on the dysfunctional South Jersey GOP.

As part of his campaign, Van Drew promised not to support Nancy Pelosi for house speaker.

Van Drew first voted “no”. Then his vote was changed to “present”. In essence, Van Drew did not cast a vote for speaker.

Van Drew became the target of joke among house Democrats.

Twitter attacked Van Drew, calling him “Dr. No.”

Jeff Van Drew:

  • voted no on background checks
  • voted no on same-sex marriage
  • voted no on raising the minimum wage.

Van Drew is being referred to as a ‘Machine Dem from New Jersey’.

Excerpt from the Ocean City Sentinel:

Jeff Van Drew, screws up his first vote. You’re supposed to vote for a person for Speaker, this guy just voted ‘no.’ Well done, Jersey.”

Tim Murphy tweeted: “because Jeff Van Drew voted ‘no’ and no one voted ‘yes,’ the nos have it, the motion fails, and Jeff Van Drew is now speaker.”

Nathan Wurtzel tweeted: “PELOSI: Please vote ‘aye’ or ‘nay’ on the rules package.

VAN DREW: Green!

PELOSI: I said ‘aye’ or ‘nay!’

VAN DREW: I am not bound by your human choices.”