Jersey Shore Business Rethinks Marketing and Advertising Plans

As we approach Summer 2018, small business in Atlantic City, Margate, Ventnor and other Jersey shore towns are busy with their marketing and advertising plans. But this year looks to be different than last. Much different.

Seems like small business is realizing they can no longer rely on the same old ways of attracting customers. Mom & Pop’s report that radio and newspaper just doesn’t work they way it used to, and using social media like Facebook, the effectiveness of that has fallen off a cliff.

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At a recent small business marketing seminar, hosted local marketing agency; Get Smart Digital, panelists shared their frustration with the lack of ROI (return on investment) when running newspaper and radio ads.

“We built our business using a mix of radio & print” says a small business operator who owns a Jersey Shore retail shop devoted to summertime visitors. “We initially had some success with Facebook and Instagram, but lately, that’s been huge flop. The reach of our Facebook posts have dropped to less than 10% of our followers.”

Facebook, as well as YouTube, have experienced backlash from advertisers that don’t want their brands or products associated with the violent, hateful, pornographic, and/or political attack pieces that seem to dominate social media these days.

Get Smart Digital is the hyper-local marketing company that powers ACprimetime, DownbeachBUZZ &

Mel Taylor of Get Smart Digital noted that it’s still important to use social media, but just don’t rely on it. “You don’t own your Facebook followers, and there’s no free lunch” says Taylor. “Over past year or so, Facebook has dramatically cut back on the reach of posts to your followers. Instead, Facebook now forces you to ‘boost’ (pay) for your post to be seen to more of your followers.”

What to do? Most marketing experts, including Taylor, recommend placing more emphasis on marketing platforms that you control, like websites and email lists.