Jesse Kurtz Talks Gilliam, Small and Future of Atlantic City.

Jesse Kurtz Atlantic City Council
Atlantic City Council 2016.

Jesse Kurtz, 6th ward Councilman for the City of Atlantic City, was recently interviewed by NYC radio host, ‘Morano in the Morning’.

Discussion topics include: Atlantic City is awesome. Why so many crooked politicians here?

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Former Mayor Frank Gilliam facing up to 20 yrs behind bars for stealing from kids.

The Atlantic City Democratic Committee will soon select 3 potential candidates to replace Frank Gilliam.

Atlantic City Council will pick from those 3. That person will fulfill role of AC Mayor til a special election is held in November of 2020. Winner of that election will fulfill last year of Gilliam’s term.

Why does stuff like this happen in AC so often? Why no politicians going to jail in Brigantine, Ventnor or Margate?

Morano in the Morning

Jesse Kurtz observed that Gilliam probably didn’t have a regular job. His resume might have been wrong too? Especially in reference to his schooling?

Why does Atlantic City attract so many unsavory characters?

Atlantic City has a very large municipal budget. Lots of cash flowing thru the city.

Atlantic City has smallest % of owner-occupied housing units in New Jersey. Just 28%

Of those who vote, very few Atlantic City residents pay taxes. Those with little or no skin in game, are directing how taxpayer money is spent.

It’s a monopoly-style dynamic.

Jesse Kurtz

On the flip side, those who pay the MOST taxes in Atlantic City, have limited or no influence on direction of city or elected officials.

Jesse Kurtz not a fan of using a city manager in Atlantic City, disagrees with Ray Lesniak.

Atlantic City and Election Fraud.

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