Meet 31 Year Old Atlantic City Councilman: Jesse Kurtz

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From Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog: Everything you’re seeing relating to Atlantic City’s fate right now is naked power politics.

Newly-minted, 31 year old Republican Councilman Jesse Kurtz’s first ordinance cleared council. The ‘Transparency Act’ passed unanimously on both readings.

What it does: mandate that all public contracts for goods/services, grant receipt documentation and all employee salaries be accessible through the city’s website. Short, sweet, uncontroversial but 100% necessary as a first step towards empowering the citizens of the humbled Boardwalk Empire.

You can check out the Atlantic City Transparency Act here.

This isn’t Kurtz’s first win; he also forced the council to formally ban its own use of city vehicles.

Atlantic City Councilman Jesse Kurtz (R) also took a stand against Atlantic City’s habit of handing out cars to public officials like candy and it’s continuing to play dividends as the embattled resort struggles to achieve solvency.

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Back in 2012, the city government came under fire after it spent more than $63,000 to buy just three vehicles.

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