Jessie Kurtz Wants NJ Assembly Seat. Mazzeo & Armato Lose Callaway Support.

Atlantic City Councilman Jessie Kurtz has officially announced his candidacy for the NJ State Assembly.

According to New Jersey Globe, Kurtz has the apparent support of Atlantic County GOP Chairman, Keith Davis as well.

Kurtz shared the announcement with Anne Baker on WOND 1400 am radio. Feb. 3, 2021.

Kurtz on WOND 1400 am.

Sitting ducks? Kurtz says Democrat Assemblymen Mazzeo and Armato are vulnerable.

Both have lost critical support from the Craig Callaway ballot-harvesting machine. LISTEN to Hurley Radio:

Callloway on WPG Radio. 2.3.21

Kurtz highlighted harm inflicted by Gov. Murphy’s over-use of executive orders during the COVID pandemic. Edicts not based on science or data?

Due to sweeping actions by Gov Murphy, almost 1/3 of all NJ businesses are projected to close for good.

Mazzeo and Armato sat quietly as NJ Gov Murphy acted with impunity. Didn’t need permission or buy-in. Took state deeper into debt. Also… Murphy administration accused of mismanaging protection of nursing homes.

Kurtz has proven ability to cross the aisle and get things done. Jessie is well liked by his Democrat colleagues on Atlantic City Council.

Atlantic County Republicans will nominate their candidates during the March 2021 convention.

Learn more: Jessie Kurtz for NJ Assembly.

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  1. Wants to be an assemblyman. First please tell me what you did for Atlantic City as a councilmen, Or better yet what did you do for the sixth ward, that has half way houses for drug addicts, boarded up buildings. (Dover Ave.) Air-BNB disturbing the residents. Trash all over the streets. If he can;t take care of a small section of the cityhis ward, how can we he think he can do something in the Assembly.

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