Joe Piscopo Visit to AC. Not a Show, But A Political Networking Event.

piscopo politics atlantic city
Little Show, Big Politics Only.

Did fans of Saturday Night Live star Joe Piscopo get scammed with a quickie 10 minute ‘show’ in Atlantic City on Thursday night? A group of 50-somethings who traveled 20 miles to see ‘Jersey Joe’ certainly felt that way.

Piscopo, the former Saturday Night Live comedian & current NYC radio host is likely to announce a run for Governor of NJ next month.

Joe Piscopo is a potential and likely competitor to NJ Lt Governor Kim Guadagno (R) for the State Governor’s seat. Does anybody find it odd that the President of the Atlantic City Republican Club; Mike Lopez, produced & promoted that event?

“Heavy Atlantic City newspaper, Facebook and radio promotion of the Piscopo show certainly made it sound like Jersey Joe was going to entertain”, said an angry fan after the brief stage appearance.

Those who paid $20 thought Piscopo was going do a one hour show full of singing, jokes & impersonations. That did not happen. While no one is blaming Piscopo, those in charge of promotion and ticket sales might not have been 100% accurate in promoting what this event was really about.

The Piscopo event turned out to be mainly, a political networking effort produced by a company connected to the President of the Atlantic City Republican Club, Mike Lopez.

Photos on social media suggest that the very likable, and potential NJ Governor, Piscopo,  is un-officially supported by AC Mayor Don Guardian (R) and Assemblyman Chris Brown (R).

Does this mean Guardian (*RINO-Republican in name only) & Brown are NOT supporting Kim Guadagno (R) for Gov of NJ? One would assume cozying up to the independent Piscopo would not make Kim happy.

” I love Joe and would vote for him, But for twenty bucks, I got a pork sandwich, not a buffet. And just 10 minutes of my favorite SNL star.”