Judge Ruling Suggests John Devlin Could Still be President of Atlantic City School Board.

Barry Caldwell, John Devlin, Atlantic City School Board
Riley & Caldwell Legal Smackdown

The chaotic Atlantic City School Board received some much needed good news on March 11.

JUDGES ORDER: Petitioner ( Farook Hossain ) shall be permitted to have his vote recorded on all upcoming School Board resolutions and motions.

Looks like John Devlin is still President of the Atlantic City School Board?

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Hurley, Devlin. 3.12.2021

It is FURTHER ORDERED that to the extent that the Board secretary has recorded petitioner’s vote on action items coming before the Board of Education since January 11,2021, those votes shall be counted.

The Judge’s order reinstates Hossain to the Atlantic City school board with full voting rights.

So far, School board solicitor Tracey Riley has no comment. Neither does Atlantic City School Board member, Shay Steele.

Farook Hossain fought allegations that he no longer lives in the city and should not be on the board.


A Judge provided written decision released Thursday, and the votes Riley told board secretary Angie Brown not to record should be counted.

Next ACBOE meeting is March 23. Hopefully, Superintendent Barry Caldwell will not block access to the public, online meeting.

Looks like, without doubt, Riley and Caldwell stepped out of bounds. President John Devlin runs the ACBOE meetings. Not Solicitor Tracey Riley. Not outgoing School Superintendent Barry Caldwell.

Caldwell ordered Riley to reach out to Atlantic County prosecutor?

Even with growing evidence of school district corruption and sexual predators working inside the school district, radio host Harry Hurley, has been a staunch supporter of AC Mayor Marty Small and his wife, ACHS principal, LaQuetta Small.

From Breaking AC : Hossain believes his due process was violated when Riley barred his vote without a hearing.

When does the AC School Board President seat officially go back to Devlin? Most residents already see Devlin as the current president. Shay Steele is NOT, and was not, president of ACBOE.

Riley was, in effect, told by a judge that her decision to bar Hossain’s vote was wrong. Devlin runs the meetings. Not Riley or Caldwell.

AC School Board Solicitor Tracey Riley and Superintendent Barry Caldwell both have a large amount of egg on their face.

Questions remain: Given Frazier’s past predatory history, how did a close relative of Marty & LaQuetta Small, get a job at NJ Child Protective Services? How do we ensure this never happens again?

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small continues to make baseless, racist, accusations towards anyone opposed to his wife, LaQuetta. The ACHS principal position, and now the School District Superintendent about to be snatched away from #TeamSmall?

LaQuetta Small, catching major heat for her poor judgement in regards to her cousin, Kayan Frazier, who remains in jail for student & child sex abuse within the School District.

Predatory behavior went on for a substantial period of time through-out the district. Why wasn’t it stopped?

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  1. Riley looks stressed out over there involving herself in all of this corruption. She’s aged about 30 years this year from the picture the AC Press always puts up of her.

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