Keep TAJ MAHAL Shut? Who’s Killing Job Creation in Atlantic City?

Atlantic City area politicians and NJ State lawmakers may have reminded investors that their money is no good here. Maybe. And to those looking for work in Atlantic City… just chill and cool your jets.

NJ Lawmakers want to disqualify Icahn, the TAJ casino license holder, for five-years because he closed his  once majestic Boardwalk property. Months of non-stop summer picketing in front of his property forced him to lock the doors on OCT 10.

Chanting strikers complete with drums, bullhorns and that lovable inflatable rat also screwed the adjacent businesses of neighboring Steel Pier & Hard Rock Cafe.

Bill S2575 targets those willing to invest in Atlantic City; a.k.a. Carl Icahn.

While the Bill has passed both Houses, it still needs the blessing of Gov Chris Christie.

Investor Carl Icahn is the target of this bill that looks to keep his Taj Mahal casino closed for up to 5 years. 3,000 displaced workers are affected by that road block.

Job Killing Atlantic City Legislation Sponsored By:

  • Senators Jim  Whelan
  • Senator Steve Sweeney

Supported with YES votes by:

  • Assemblyman Chris Brown
  • Assemblyman Vince Mazzeo

TAJ Owner Icahn was forced to close his Atlantic City Casino on Oct. 10. After a summer of union picketing, Icahn cut his losses. 3,000 jobs were lost.

Who will Gov. Chris Christie side with? Those who want to re-open the TAJ and put people back to work? Or will the Guv side with union president Bob McDevitt of Local 54, who threatens to keep TAJ shuttered for up to 5 years? Local 54 chief Bob McDevitt is fearful that Icahn will reopen TAJ as a non-union property in Spring 2017.

Editors Note: So foolish that NJ leadership is once again blocking the re-invention of Atlantic City. Even if the TAJ MAHAL opens as Non-Union….. the worker could ALWAYS organize at a later time.

Icahn acquired the Taj Mahal casino on the Atlantic City Boardwalk from bankruptcy court in March 2016. He, along with other investors like Glenn Straub and Steve Wynn believe these types of road blocks discourage investment in Atlantic City.


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  1. To all the politicians who passed this short sided piece of legislation and for those led by Bob McDevitt to slaughter, pool your money, buy the Taj Mahal and then you can do whatever you want with it.

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