King Arthur Radio Lands Major Interview with Atlantic City Mayor, Frank Gilliam

Frank Gilliam WIBG

CLICK TO LISTEN > In a rare, exclusive radio interview, AC Mayor Frank Gilliam responded to a slew of questions posed by The King Arthur Radio Show. WIBG 1020am. Saturdays 6a-noon.

Topics covered and notes taken from interview:

Rogue members of AC Democratic committee. A faction went out on their own? Democrats need to stick together says Mayor Frank.

The adult-use of marijuana in Atlantic City.

Should AC be a trial city to see how NJ can effectively deal with legal weed? As a step in the right direction, Gov Murphy is fixing the foot dragging imposed by former Gov. Christie, who believed pot is a gateway drug. Christie did the bare minimum when it came to medicinal marijuana. Was this done to protect the pharmaceutical companies?

The infamous $5 mil Borgata fund. Was it properly managed?

Tibbitt, Marsh, Langford, Small

$3 million of the $5mil fund quickly vanished in a high profile way. This $3mil was supposed to help small business development in Atlantic City. This case is still being litigated.

In Nov. 2017, Gilliam claims Small & Guardian quickly tried to spend the remaining fund dollars before the new administration took control. Mayor Frank says it’s all about ‘due diligence.’ That’s why he hasn’t signed off on recent Marty Small & Mayor Guardian endorsed allocations.

$250,000 of the Borgata Fund was used for so-called scholarships. Those dollars were also allocated in a curious way. Names of individual AC students that benefited from those dollars, were never made public. To date, there’s still questions remaining over that $250,000 in scholarships, that was supposed to go specifically, to AC students. Council is still waiting for that list of kids.

The re-invention of Miss America in Atlantic City.

Helping to fix the mismanagement. Frank was originally against continued support of Miss A in Atlantic City. That was before Frank met Gretchen Carlson, the top exec director of Miss A.

We think Gilliam was reduced to putty in the hands of Carlson, a whip smart, former FOX NEWS anchor who was crowned Miss A. in 1989.

How does Mayor Gilliam feel about City Council snacking and watching smart phones during public meetings?

‘Very disturbing’ says Frank. It sends a negative message. It went viral. Puts AC in a negative light. We need a higher level of professionalism during public comment at the Council meetings. The Atlantic City Mayor says he’ll soon talk with Council President Marty Small about this very embarrassing situation.

Lighting up Atlantic City will reduce crime. 6,000 LED retrofitting lights.

Would like to see more boots on the ground. A pair of cops on every other block would be very helpful.

Council Tibbitt has made accusations. Are right-wing radio hosts fanning flames in support of Tibbitt? Are there rogue members of AC Democratic committee? Could Tibbitt be angry at Gilliam because he didn’t get a Chief of Staff gig?