Langford Considers Mayoral Run Against Marty Small

Former AC Mayor, Lorenzo Langford is considering a challenge to current Atlantic City Mayor, Marty Small.

In 2009, Langford beat Councilman Small and became Mayor of Atlantic City.

Langford was defeated by Don Guardian in 2013.

Mayor Small is considered vulnerable. Both he and his wife, ACHS principal LaQuetta Small are currently embroiled in a student sex abuse scandal allegedly involving a relative hired by Mrs. Small.

According to past allegations, Marty Small’s arrest record includes voter fraud, drug dealing and assault.

Recently, Mayor Small looked bad when he pushed for a higher salary. A $40k raise while residents lost jobs and were forced into Bader Field food lines.

Langford was elected to Atlantic City Council in 1992.

Langford lost the Atlantic City Mayor’s position to Don Guardian in 2013.

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  1. Atlantic City is light years ahead now that people who serve in city Council have a heart and show love for the residents.

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