Levinson & Grossman Challenging Constitutionality of PILOT Bill

PILOT bill atlantic city county executive

The infamous PILOT bill is finally being challenged. Liberty & Prosperity, a constitutional advocacy group lead by Seth Grossman, has teamed up with Atlantic County Exec Denny Levinson. Both sides presented arguments in front of Superior Court Judge Mendez on Nov 30. Both are convinced that the PILOT is un-constitutional.

Grossman, a Somers Point attorney and former Atlantic City councilman, refers to the PILOT as ‘Payment in Lieu of Peanuts Taxes.’ 

The goal of the Casino PILOT was to stabilize Atlantic City’s tax-collection base. Wildly inaccurate assessments contributed to Atlantic City’s near bankruptcy and eventual state take-over. The PILOT bill allows casinos to collectively pay $120 million per year instead of actual property taxes and allows them to upgrade their properties without tax implications.

County Exec Denny Levinson said Seth Grossman was outstanding in front of Judge Mendez. ‘He was terrific.’

The current PILOT allows a private entity to gaining at the expense of the average taxpayer. Not review-able for 8 years. Every non-casino property will see tax hikes, says Levinson.

Listen to Levinson on WOND Radio, Dec. 1, 2017

Other notes: The Chiesa firm representing the STATE is out, effective Jan. 2018. Til then, it’s another payday for that law firm, says Denny. Most recently, the Levinson family took a personal hit by standing up against Gov. Christie. With the County fighting the PILOT in court, the outgoing and very unpopular Governor pinked slipped the very capable Matt Levinson, son of the County Exec. Matt was not re-appointed to his position on the Casino Control Commission. That’s how Christie rolls.

In addition, Atlantic County believes it should receive at least 13.5% of PILOT revenues, based on agreements with both AC Mayor Don Guardian, and Gov. Christie. (WATCH VIDEO)

Everybody in legislature agrees. 13.5% should be given to taxpayers. Something that was verbally guaranteed by the outgoing Governor Christie.

Press of Atlantic City thinks 10% is fine? Levinson pointed out that the Press of Atlantic City printed inaccurate data on the morning of Dec. 1, 2017. Was this just an error on the editor’s part?


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