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Pensions for Atlantic City Lifeguards Could Be Cut.


Could Atlantic City lifeguard pensions be over? A new bill was introduced by Senate President Stephen Sweeney and Sen. Kevin O’Toole. The bill would allow Atlantic City to prohibit new hires from enrolling in the pension system…. or…. it could terminate the pension fund all together.

The City of Atlantic City pays over $1 million to retired lifeguards every year.

Senate President Sweeney said this about the leadership of Atlantic City: “This is just one of the bad spending habits but it’s symbolic of the budget practices that have long plagued the city and led it to the verge of a financial disaster”. NJ Gov. Chris Christie see has the pension system of Atlantic City as an example of city government mis-management.

According to NJ.com:

The governor has argued that Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian and other city officials resisting the takeover have shown they’re unwilling or incapable of repairing the city’s finances.

Often in this discussion, case in point are the lifeguard pensions, which cost the city more than $1 million a year. Christie said earlier this month: “This is something that could be worked on by the mayor. He’s refused to do so. He’s never come to the state. It’s something we could work on if we have takeover legislation.”

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