Listen: Atlantic City Mayor & CRDA New Years Eve Marketing FAIL

It’s no secret. Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian is not a fan of Miss America. Listen to ACprimetime Radio> Oh sure, he’ll be on stage with the ladies for photo ops. The bow tied guy will even get front row center seats inside Boardwalk Hall for the pageant…..but he’s NOT a fan of Miss A.

Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian is also member of the CRDA; Casino Reinvestment Authority, which is funded by the casinos….who typically don’t like Miss America either. Why? Those ‘types’ are less likely to gamble. They hog up too many casino hotel rooms. How dare they.

CRDA declined opportunity to have Atlantic City featured on ABC-TV’s New Year’s Eve telecast that reaches 59 million viewers.

The ( CRDA & Dick Clark Productions/Miss America ) agreement rewarded Atlantic City with significant new broadcast television exposure, social media integration with the organization and retains a truly iconic event in Atlantic City,” said Robert Mulcahy, chairman of the CRDA board.

Some, including Mayor Don Guardian, thought the money might better be spent elsewhere.

miss america atlantic city mayor crda
AC Fumbles Marketing Opportunity….AGAIN.

“Though we hoped to sponsor a New Year’s Eve performance at Boardwalk Hall this year, scheduling conflicts and other considerations have redirected our focus to the 2017 concert calendar.”

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  1. Mel, you stole my line….Atlantic City can’t get out of its own way! Tell you what though….use it all you like since you tell it like it is. If only the powers that run this place would pay attention.

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