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Gary Hill is on a short list of private citizens that continue to have a major impact on the Atlantic City region. Gary was a guest on the Mel Taylor Show on WPG Talk Radio 1450 on Friday, December 11, 2015. Click to listen on demand.

Along with John Shultz; his husband & business partner of 30+ years, Gary has been tireless in his efforts to bring about greater awareness of issues like civil unions, same sex marriage and the South Jersey AIDS Alliance.

Gary and John also lead and manage the MBCA; Metropolitan Business and Citizens Association, as well as the amazing Miss America Pageant drag spoof: Miss’d America.

Gary Hill is one of the most INFLUENTIAL…and nicest guys in AC….. listen to GARY HILL from the Schultz-Hill Foundation…. on WPG Talk Radio 1450.

Some topics discussed:

  • South Jersey AIDS Alliance
  • MBCA
  • Miss’d America
  • Shultz-Hill Foundation
  • Studio Six & Club Tru
  • Civil Unions and Gay Marriage

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