South Jersey Politics. Who Can You Trust?

Harry Hurley Lobiondo RINO
Who Can You Trust?

Outgoing NJ Congressman, Frank Lobiondo, not exactly getting a nice send-off after many years of public service. Callers into the Don Williams Radio Show shared their disappointment with Lobiondo, mainly for attacking the sitting President, a fellow Republican.

LoBiondo, along with other so-called conservatives, have increasingly ignored GOP party affiliation. That’s not always bad. But some call it ‘shooting inside the tent’.

Other describe Lobiondo as a RINO, Republican in Name Only.

Listen to DON WILLIAMS RADIO from July 17, 2018. Callers not happy with Lobiondo.

It’s just not elected officials getting additional scrutiny these days. Local news reporters and veteran broadcasters are also feeling the heat from those questioning their party loyalty.

We recently shared the following with WPG Radio man, Harry Hurley. Insight into the changing tides of political media reporting:

Be cautious of RINO Radio. Harry Hurley has regularly switched his support of candidates, not based on merit, but by the financial benefits Hurley would reap.

Occasional RINO Hurley ( Republican in name only ) openly gushes about his love for former Gov Christie. Arguably the most hated and harmful NJ Gov in decades. Add to that unsavory list of politicos that this Broadcaster has or still supports: AC Mayor Langford and Cape May County Democrat, Jeff Van Drew.

Stay away from Hurley. If he supports Van Drew on air…. he will face scrutiny from his conservative listeners. Hurley will not say bad things about Jeff. But he should.


  1. Frank who?, Chris who? Harry who? None of them.

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