Local Radio Host Coddles Corrupt Atlantic City Mayor

Another weak reporter steamrolled by Atlantic City Mayor, Marty Small. Listen to audio from NOV 2022.

No longer unbiased reporters of news and info within their community, newspaper & radio hosts are now just PR flacks for politicians and those who pay them well.

Radio Host Gets Owned by Atlantic City Mayor, Marty Small.

Newspaper & radio hosts prefer to ask soft ball questions.

Woke journalists too often inject biased activism within many of their stories. They pushed away half their readers when reporting violence and looting was ‘peaceful protesting’.

It wasn’t just the Internet that killed newspapers, it was the deeply rooted arrogance of those who ran these publishing orgs. Newsrooms ignored 50% of subscribers with a different opinion.

Money & Elected Officials Control Editorial Narrative.

For past 5 years, newspapers have pushed the white people are racist narrative. Men are rapists. Gender affirming care is needed to save lives. Parents need to shut up and sit down.

Ugly themes amplified by acompliant, well-compensated media.

Instead of reviving their industry and saving careers, it’s more important for them to virtue signal.

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  1. Another very misleading and uninformed piece of totally junk writing. No attribution. No names other than the mayor. Chickensh#t article as usual. Who writes this poor excuse for news?

    1. John this site does not answer questions. It’s just a vehicle to make absurd redneck allegations with zero substance.

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