Longport Mayor Russo Says Plastic Bags May Go Bye Bye.

Mayor Russo LongportClick to Listen. Mel Taylor Show. WPG 1450. >  A push to ban plastic bags? A 10 cent surcharge or so-called symbolic penalty fee could be charged for using single use plastic bags if Longport commissioners and residents give the thumbs up during a monumental ordinance 2nd reading and vote on Nov. 20.

Mayor Nick Russo started his NJ public service career in law enforcement. Russo was one of the first investigators for NJ that worked on environmental crime. ‘The real victims haven’t been born yet’ says Russo. Indeed, plastic bags could be a thing of the past in Longport, NJ. Beth Kwart from Surfrider.org is also on the show, so is Monica Coffey of Sustainable Margate.


  • Bike & Pedestrian Project Voice your thoughts: Ventnor-Margate.com
  • Russo’s view on the safety benefit of sand dunes, especially along his shores of Longport, NJ.


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