Make Atlantic City a Marijuana Tourism Destination

Learn more about cannabis and how Atlantic City could benefit from marijuana legalization. A public symposium will be held on Jan 27, at the Atlantic City Public Library auditorium. The free event will help dispel myths and misinformation regarding the adult-use and legalization of weed in New Jersey.

Cannabis in New Jersey is illegal and criminalized for recreational use, but permitted for medical use. Governor Phil Murphy has promised to legalize recreational marijuana within the first 100 days of his administration.

To date, elected officials have been cautious about discussing legal marijuana, especially after 8 years of Gov Christie’s anti-marijuana efforts. The former governor was often accused of holding back growth of much-needed, medical marijuana. New, NJ Governor Phil Murphy is not shy about his pro-pot stance.

Atlantic City Mayor Frank Gilliam would like to see AC get a marijuana monopoly, for at least 5 years.

Weed sales in AC could act as a NJ trial market.

IMPACT CANNABIS: Hear from legislators, doctors, professional athletes, businessmen, investment financiers, cancer survivors and clergy.

Proposed Legislation & Impact Medicinal Benefits
Taxation Delivery Methods
Social Justice Economic Impact
Lies & Falsehoods Investment
History of Cannibas Cannabis Jobs
City & State roles Law Enforcement
  • Sat, Jan 27
  • 11a-1p
  • 1333 Atlantic Ave
  • Atlantic City Public Library Auditorium

Forget Casinos: Make Atlantic City a Marijuana Tourism Destination

Can marijuana legalization save Atlantic City? One lawmaker says yes and wants to turn Atlantic City into a marijuana tourism destination. … he’s also a municipal prosecutor and has seen first hand the impact of New Jersey’s current marijuana laws, which disproportionately impact people of color.

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