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Margate Back To Court, Wants Dangerous Dune Building to Stop.

Margate residents want a stop to the dangerous, harmful and un-needed dune work on their beaches. Packed house this morning, inside special Margate Commissioner Meeting at Old City Hall. Commissioners will hire outside counsel to file injunction against the NJ Department of Environmental Protection and the Army Corp of Engineers.

Jordan Rand of Klehr Harrison Harvey Branzburg will represent the city.

“Stop the project until the ARMY CORP can prove competence”

The Army Corps of Engineers and DEP have pumped out most of the contaminated water from the drainage gully. The water has been pumped to the other side of dune.

Suffering irreparable harm. Will Margate sue for damages?

Pumping contaminated water into the surf.

Margate & Ventnor beach patrols have to patrol hidden areas behind the dunes.

One Margate lifeguard has been home sick , reportedly from a bacterial infection caused by the contaminated water.

Bulldoze the whole stupid dune system. Stop the Army Corp from wasting taxpayer dollars. Nobody wants this….except for a small handful of Jersey politicians, Ventnor Commissioners, contractors and insiders.

“There’s nothing more important than our beach,” said Margate Commissioner Maury Blumberg

Mayor Becker. “I want this project stopped immediately.”

Margate plans to file an injunction on Thursday in Superior Court in Atlantic County.

Local politicos; Frank Lobiondo, Chris Brown & Vince Mazzeo….have yet to step up and voice their opposition to this project. All three are invisible.

Ventnor commissioners are still pro-dune….at this point.

Margate biz has 14 weeks to make money. Store traffic is down. Restaurant traffic is down.

Worries about property values and ratables. Summer rental business is way off.

Who da thunk it? The real threat to Margate & other shore towns isn’t stormy waters & mother nature… but… it’s the Army Corps of Engineers.

The Army Corps of Engineers is destroying Margate, in order to save it.

Rep Frank Lobiondo sits on the House committee that funds the ACOE, who in turn contracts out with the State and local gov’ts and the private contractors that do the work.

This project is being funded with Federal dollars. Rep Lobiondo got the ACOE to do Margate first and during the summer instead of Ventnor, where he is a resident, (wink, wink) because something broke.

One nasty storm in 50 years. This was the opening for Mr Christy & Mr Lobiondo to make the case, for a one size fits all dune dump.

Pumping out the dirty water is a short term fix. When it rains, it’s going to happen again.

The incompetence of the Army Corp of Engineers is beyond comprehension. Any high school kid knows what will happen when dunes are built by digging out sand from behind. The number of lawyers in Margate should file multiple law suits in State and federal courts. Bring the media here and expose the sham and stupidity of those who approved this. Follow the money. What reporter wants this story?

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