Marino Says Casino Execs Exaggerate About Atlantic City Crime, Drugs & Prostitution.

Working Girls in AC.

Anthony Marino is a local pundit and a former director of the Expressway Authority. He was a guest on WOND 1400 am radio, on Feb. 4.

Marino told listeners that crime is down and the streets of Atlantic City are clean as a whistle. The WOND radio host disagreed, and gave plenty of examples that Marino was wrong.

WOND radio host Scott Cronick: Plenty of prostitutes and drug activity in Atlantic City. Open drug deals on a daily basis.

Marino to Cronick: why would you tell people (on the radio) there’s hookers right up the street from your Tennessee Ave business?

Listen to Anthony Marino on WOND Radio:

Marino on WOND Radio 2.4.2020

Marino says part of the perceived crime problem in Atlantic City is: suburban white people are not accustomed to seeing people walking down Pacific & Atlantic Ave. White suburban visitors not used to seeing that sight. Thinking: they must be drug addicts. Those women must be prostitutes.

Prostitutes sitting on church steps. At corner of Pacific & Tennessee Ave.


Hookers Everywhere in AC.

Casino execs with their constant complaints. I wish they thought a little bit before they say those things.

In 1983, Marino was walking in AC…and was accosted by 4 hookers at 2 in the afternoon. They tried to undress Marino in broad day-light.

Marino asks if arrests are being made, and what about the Atlantic City police? What are they doing? Cronick struggled to answer that question.

Marino: The president of Resorts Casino, Mark Giannantonio, is saying strange things about the city he’s been working in for most of his life.

WOND radio host: The (former) Sands lot looks like a crap hole.

Lots littered with trash. CRDA claims somebody else clean stuff like this. CRDA is responsible for just about everything inside the Tourism District.

We need more street lighting. Mayor Small & CRDA can’t get this simple issue resolved. Been going on for years.

An Atlantic City Disease. We see bad stuff and say nothing. We kind of look the other way. We let things go for too long.

Marino asks: was Joe Lupo (of Hard Rock) exaggerating?

Casino execs should spend more on safety & cops on the street / boardwalk.


  1. Last year at a CRDA public meeting, I handed out pictures of missing traffic signals and accidents I encountered daily. A picture of a guy shooting up on Pacific Avenue, and identified a hooker had just jumped into my car. I was told in no uncertain terms, it wasn’t their (CRDA) problem, so sit down and shut up.

    As long as CRDA has the money and control of tourism district, it is their problem. Atlantic City is long on blame, and short on accountability.

    We need to change makeup of CRDA and City Hall. That’s the beginning of accountability. In private industry, many would have been fired by now for lack of results.

  2. It’s terrible out there. the convenience store across from the library, you try to walk in they shout hard, I got the drop, tickets code words for crack and heroin.

    find out how many OD’s they have in the library bathroom. I have had drug addict girls offer oral sex for $5 although going rate is $20.

    library bathroom is the only open bathroom even in the only supermarket in town because of drug addicts. McDonald’s and KFC closed because of addicts.

    The 24/7 store on Atlantic busted for selling crack and guns out of store. Muhammad the owner of that store and his other location across from Perry’s employs addicts and prostitutes pays them $3 an hour under the table because of no enforcement.

    I see this everyday. is this the actions of a resort town? I see this everyday and I’m a old man. everyone turns a blind eye to this stuff. AC will never be a destination until we get rid of this stuff.

  3. not true….. Mr. Marino, if you live in A.C. just look out the window. And stop thinking we are stupid.

    1. AC has and is a dump. It effects all the neighboring towns.
      It has been this way for 50 years and nothing has changed.
      Buildings are just getting more run down. The boardwalk
      is in poor shape.
      When will anyone wake up and smell the roses??
      Smart people go to the Marina, Ocean and don’t travel at night
      unless you are asking for trouble.

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