Marty & LaQuetta Small Seek Revenge over Atlantic City Student Sex Abuse Allegations.

AC Mayor Marty Small likes to punish his political rivals. That’s why Small called a special Council meeting for Friday that will target rival, John Devlin.

Small wants Devlin removed as chairman of the city’s Municipal Utilities Authority. (MUA)

Devlin and Mayor Marty Small are political adversaries.

Devlin is a retired ACPD officer that serve on the Atlantic City School Board.

Devlin voted for an independent investigation into convicted child pornographer, a cousin of Mayor Small’s wife, who is now the the AC school district superintendent.

Devlin has been critical of Atlantic City School District.

Atlantic City mishandled the student sex abuse and pornography case involving a relative of Mayor Marty Small and his wife, La’Quetta.

Harry Hurley Marty LaQuetta Small Student Sex Abuse Cover Up

Mayor Small lashing out at anyone who talks about his cousin’s, student sex abuse cover-up.

AC Mom

Head of DCA Department of Community Affairs is Lt. Gov. Sheila Oliver.


La’Quetta Small is target of lawsuits about her cousin Ka’yan Frazier, who was a substitute teacher at Pennsylvania Ave School when Small was the principal there.

At least one victim was a student Frazier met while teaching at that school. The boy’s mother has filed a lawsuit against the Smalls.

LaQuetta Small waited 2 months before reporting incident to 3rd party company that supplies sub teachers.

Small’s cousin, Kayan Fraizer, had child sleep at his home. LaQuetta saw it as ‘violating district policy”. Others see this as not reporting a crime against children.

The school district, under superintendent Barry Caldwell, kept quiet about the Frazier arrest in 2019.

In late 2020, Devlin, as school board president, called for a 3rd party firm to investigate. A majority of the AC school board voted against an outside investigation. Even neighboring Ventnor, a sending district, voted against an outside investigation.

Even with continued allegations of child abuse and current sex crime lawsuits, Ventnor Mayor Beth Holtzman is still supportive of new School district boss, LaQuetta Small.

Grand jury subpoena for ACBOE. Under investigation by the political corruption unit.

The City Council meeting is set for 5p. Friday.


No comment from Gary Hill or Chris Brown.

Hill is a long-time board member of both the CRDA and MUA (AC water company).

Former Senator Chris Brown (R) is NJ Gov. Phil Murphy’s ‘eyes and ears’ in Atlantic City. Brown’s specific duties have yet to be publicly announced. Brown (R) accepted a $150,000 annual salary from Gov Murphy (D), months after stepping down from his NJ Senator seat.

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