Meet The Real Marty Small. City Council of Atlantic City

Marty Small & Mel Taylor Atlantic City
Marty Small & Mel Taylor on AC Primetime Radio

Marty Small is more than just the Council President of Atlantic City. He has a Masters degree in educational leadership. At one time called ‘Party Marty’, the successful promoter is now well known for world famous ‘Marty Small Ball’. Click to listen >

Life isn’t always rosy for Small. He was recently laid off from his $88,000 Atlantic City Dept. of Recreation job.

Also discussed on AC Primetime Radio with Marty Small>

  • Revel & Straub, Blatstein and Showboat
  • Concerts on the Beach. Diversity in musical acts. Beyonce.
  • 20% paycuts for City Council?
  • How much should the Mayor get paid?
  • Pay bondholders or employees?
  • Learning from Jersey City
  • Mayoral aspirations

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