Marty Small Ball at Boardwalk Hall. Backroom Deal with CRDA?

Marty Small Wants Boardwalk Hall Discount

Not surprised. Marty Small is once again trying to pull a fast one. Looking for a Boardwalk Hall discount to hold his next ‘Small Ball’.

You see, Marty Small is all about Marty Small. Good thing Marty is tight with CRDA boardmember, Gary Hill. Marty also lucky that Gary Hill is on the board of a charter school where he works as a gym teacher.

Marty Small, the Atlantic City Council President, won’t attend CRDA meetings, but will try to work a back room deal with CRDA? What’s up with that?

marty small gary hill CRDA
Marty Small, Gary Hill, Kaleem Shabazz
Marty Small is Awesome.

Check out what the fine folks from NEW JERSEY GLOBE are reporting….

Small holds fundraising events, called Small Balls, twice a year and usually picks one of the casinos as a venue. Instead, Small sought to use the CRDA-owned Boardwalk Hall at a discounted rate. That promoted an anonymous complaint to the board.

Discussions about that have created some problems for the agency, whose mission is to bolster Atlantic City’s economy using funds from the casino industry.

Marty $mall.

Sources confirmed that the matter was part of a discussion in a closed-door meeting of the CRDA Personnel and Administration Committee on Wednesday. Small’s discussion of a discount to use the Boardwalk Hall space is now being reviewed by counsel.

Read full Marty Small story in New Jersey Globe.

Marty Small. Man Child. Always oppressed. Compares New Jersey to Alabama. Blames systemic racism whenever he doesn’t get his way. Shame on those who vote for Marty Small.

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