Marty Small Melt Down. Atlantic City School Board Meeting.

Atlantic City insiders say it’s kinda like compensation for Marty Small being a good boy. The controversial swap of principals between Atlantic City High School and Pennsylvania Ave. Elementary School.

What so controversial? Well, our main man Marty is married to LaQuetta Small, principal of the academically challenged, Pennsylvania Ave school. For some reason, she’s getting a promotion and will soon be the new principal of Atlantic City High School.

Marty Small thinks it’s a race thing. An attack on strong, black men & women. Yup. He said stuff like that.. and more… on MAY 21, 2019 at the Atlantic City Board of Education meeting.

marty small atlantic city
I am Marty Small. I am special.

Atlantic City Councilman, Marty $mall, against the world. Playing the race card? Marty blames council colleague ‘Kool Mo Dee’ Delgado, the Hispanic, Bangladeshi & Pakistani communities and certain pastors, for all kinds of crazy sh*t he just thought up.

The loquacious Marty Small is very sensitive, man-child.

SMALL: this is ‘double minority’ on ‘double minority’ crime. ( whatever that means )

Councilman Small brilliant idea #269: Play the race card. Lash out at those who think his wife, LaQuetta, shouldn’t get the Atlantic City High School principal gig. Hold his breathe til they hire his wife.

Marty Small Puckers Up.

Endorsed by nose-holding radio pundits (ex: Harry Hurley), Marty Small was pumped and ready for action. Had his favorite red t-shirt on. Ready to show everyone that he’s the fu**ing man. City Hall O.G. Proudly reciting the family resume. Such a long list of degrees and ‘certificates of awesomeness’.

The Marty $mall Show in Full-Force.

Team Small. Kinda like the Bill & Hillary Clinton of Atlantic City. Enjoying the public nipple. But, it’s never really enough. Team Small wants more.

  • LaQuetta Small, Principal of Pennsylvania Ave School. $141,000 Salary + premium healthcare & pension. Will soon become principal of Atlantic City High School, forcing out popular, Lina Gil.
  • Marty Small. Atlantic City Council President. Salary: $30,000 + benefits. Recently reduced council meetings from two per month…to one per month. Refused to endorse plan that will change CRDA meetings to a more convenient time & location.
  • Marty Small. Athletic Director. Principle Academy Charter School. Salary: $90,000 + benefits. Marty gets this sweet gig right after 9 employees were just let go.

Atlantic City Board of Education Superintendent (Barry Caldwell) forgets to explain why he’s making the change. Swapping employees. To date, we have NO idea why Caldwell and the AC School board decided on the change. Insiders are convinced it’s payback for Marty siding with the State of NJ and the infamous CRDA.

Marty Small believes RACE plays a large role here.

If Marty keeps this up…. Frank Gilliam may just get another term as Mayor.

See FULL video clip and read more from the AC Board of Education meeting of MAY 21, 2019. (video: Press of Atlantic City)


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