Marty Small Talks Atlantic City Marijuana Money

Atlantic City Council President, Marty Small, is REALLY not happy. ‘Stop re-routing our money’, says Small. Stop the outflow of monies that should benefit AC taxpayers.

Atlantic City wants the financial benefit of legal pot. We don’t get luxury tax, parking fees, etc. AC gets nothing.

Sports betting getting Atlantic City nothing…. squat.

Small: All that sports betting money..guess who don’t get one penny on all those bets. The town…where the bet came from….gets the money. Not AC.

NJ Gov. Murphy has big goals: sports betting & marijuana

Marty Small Atlantic City
Marty Small

Small says: if weed is ultimately legal in NJ, we want the money to stay here. No CRDA……it stays in AC. And NOT to the general fund. Rather, it should go to tax reduction.

The 8% weed tax money…..must benefit AC.

Expungement. 5lbs and under. This does not apply to weed kingpins.

Small said: Murphy promised: AC will get the 8% allowable.

There will be no weed facilities in residential neighborhoods.