Mayor Admits BLM’s Steve Young Doesn’t Have Permits or Insurance?

In December of 2014, Dr. John Baker put together a Support The Police Rally on the Atlantic City Boardwalk. Over 300 attended.

Baker got all the proper permits. Paid for insurance too. This pro-police event was a 100% legal and city-compliant event. Why doesn’t Steve Young need to follow these very same rules?


WPG interviewer Hurley asked Mayor Small about BLM being a radical group that rails against police and the family unit. As per their website, BLM is not shy about their objective to defund the police.

Hurley also asked why Steve Young doesn’t need permits and insurance. LISTEN to clips from Sept. 3, 2020.

Small BLM Issues. Sept 3, 2020. Hurley Radio.

Small agrees, all lives and Black lives matter, but wouldn’t specifically address BLM’s radical mission statement and behavior.

Steve Young getting a pass. Again. Doesn’t seem fair to the law-abiding citizens of Atlantic City. Some call this type of stuff, discriminatory.

BLM activist, Steve Young intends on breaking the law and painting Black Lives Matter in front of Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Hall on Friday, Sept. 4 at 1p.

AC Mayor Marty Small will try to ‘one-up’ the Marxist-influenced Young by having his own painting event. This one on MLK Blvd.

Mayor Small well aware that Steve Young doesn’t get permits or insurance for Atlantic City protests.

With his trusty bullhorn, Young regularly barks out his hatred toward police. Especially white police officers. In his spare time, Young often shares his radical philosophy at Stockton University.

Mayor Small paused and stammered slightly. The Mayor seemed to push that direct question off onto police and other city committees. No. Mayor Small really didn’t answer that simple question. Did radio interviewer Hurley let him off the hook?

PUBLIC COMMENT: Painting the Boardwalk, which is technically a street, is illegal. Painting BLM on MLK Blvd is not? Most ‘peaceful protests’ have been anything but. No matter what The Press of Atlantic City continues to push, and radio pundits faithfully repeat. To date, there is no proof that supporting & donating to Black Lives Matter, has helped the Black community in any way. Reports have clearly shown that most BLM donations go to Democrat campaign efforts in support of Presidential candidate, Joe Biden.

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