Mayor Gilliam Talks CRDA, ICE, Weed & Section 8 Housing

New CRDA Chief & Mayor Frank

Big time props to the team at RT 40 for nailing down the elusive Mayor of Atlantic City. Mr. Gilliam prefers doing social media webcasts as of late. So, a big high-5 to the crack journo team at RT 40 for this revealing interview.

Need some additional encouragement to click thru and read? Check out some of these prime (slightly edited & sometimes paraphrased) excerpts:

RT40: How will new AC projects (Hard Rock, Stockton, SJ GAS, etc.) create jobs for local residents?

Mayor Frank Gilliam says: Casinos haven’t prepared / trained locals to secure casino jobs. The casino industry never really produced anything but menial labor and jobs.

What does Frank think about the CRDA? Is he head-butting with them? No. Frank believes the CRDA is wide open to helping Atlantic City. Yup. That’s what Frank G. thinks, bless his little soul.

Read the full RT40 report here.

RT 40 asked Gilliam about immigration. The Mayor responds: When it comes to things like ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement)… I oppose that. I believe these people (undocumented/illegal immigrants) have a right to live in America. They have a right to have a fair, equitable life like anyone else. America is based as a home for everyone. I didn’t come here through Ellis Island. I came here in bondage.

Mayor Frank may want to read the following….

* In a recent Press of AC piece on immigration enforcement, the group most likely to benefit from a tougher approach to immigration enforcement is young black men, who often compete with recent immigrants for low-skill jobs. A recent Harvard-Harris poll found that African-Americans favor reducing legal immigration more than any other demographic group.

Does Frank have a plan to deal with illegal rooming houses? The always confident Mayor Frank says: “Most certainly. The city can’t have the most valuable area (of AC) with Section 8 housing. Atlantic City beach blocks are saturated with low-income housing. You can’t have low-income housing next to the beach and boardwalk. You have to see million-dollar homes in those areas.”

Mayor Frank Gilliam’s feelings on legal cannabis? Gilliam wants to decriminalize pot. Gilliam says: (Weed) can’t just be something that rich Caucasians make another mint off of.

Read the full RT40 report here.

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