Mayor Marty Small’s Hate Crime Problem on Atlantic City Boardwalk


A 12-year-old boy and a 14-year-old girl, both from Atlantic City, were taken into custody Friday in connection with the death of a Boardwalk shop owner Thursday night.

At 7:41p, Atlantic City Police Officers responded to City Souvenirs, in the 1500 block of the Boardwalk in reference to a male with a knife. 

According to a news release from the Prosecutor’s Office: While attempting to steal items, the 12-year-old brandished a knife and threatened the store owner.

Reports say multiple juveniles were damaging the store and assaulting individuals.

Responding officers arrested a 12-year-old male and a 14-year-old female. Shortly after the arrival of the officers, the store owner Mahmood Ansari, of Atlantic City, collapsed and was not breathing. A bystander initiated CPR, which was taken over by Officer Joseph Kelly and then medical personnel. Ansari was transported to the AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center City Campus, where he was pronounced deceased.

Mehmood Ansari died Thursday night after an altercation with the two juveniles, authorities said. Ansari was 65 and owned City Souvenirs for more than 30 years.

No fear of punishment and the perpetrators are getting younger and younger. Where are kids learning this stuff? Last week in Washington DC, two teenage girls ages 13 and 15, tasered and eventually killed a Pakistani man during a carjacking. The DC Mayor said nothing.

Teens terrorize retailers and loot shops on Atlantic City Boardwalk.

No wonder plywood is still on the windows of many Atlantic City stores.

It’s only gonna get worse. NJ Gov Murphy doing more to protect criminals, than keeping his citizens safe.

Murphy now making moves that will make law enforcement vulnerable to frivolous lawsuits, allowing alleged criminals to press charges against the PD.

Many point the finger at Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small. He’s setting a bad example. Disrespect of police. Arrested 13 times, but never saw jail time. Mayor Small often boasts about his arrest record when making social media posts.

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small is a bad role model for kids.

The Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office Major Crimes Unit still working to identify other juveniles that were involved in this incident.

Atlantic City Police arrested and charged the following:

A 12-year-old male from Atlantic City was arrested and CHARGED with Robbery (two counts), unlawful possession of a weapon, possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose, simple assault, shoplifting, terroristic threats, conspiracy. The male was remanded to Harborfields Detention Facility.

A 14-year-old female from Atlantic City was CHARGED with robbery, simple assault, shoplifting, and conspiracy. She was released into the custody of a parent with a future court date.

A vigil was held in support of the Asian community in Atlantic City. Neighbors and store owners demanding that AC Mayor Small, Councilman Kaleem Shabazz and Council President George Tibbit publicly denounce these hate crimes. They want action. Not words.

Attendees gathered to mourn Ansari while demanding more protection from city officials and law enforcement.

Habib Rehmen, secretary of the AC Merchant Association said: “He was killed by hatred, by the lack of the protection”

The Merchants Association said Boardwalk store owners have complained to the city multiple times about harassment and theft. “This is not the first time we are talking with Mr. Mayor and police.”

From BreakingAC: Amer Kashmiri, head of the Atlantic City Merchants Association, said the death comes after Boardwalk store owners have made constant complaints about juveniles looting stores. “They’re coming in stores and grabbing stuff.” 

Local activist Craig Callaway has often claimed that Mayor Marty Small has a very poor relationship with both the Hispanic and Asian communities of Atlantic City.

Public Comment: Mayor Small ignores the continued harassment and theft toward the Asian merchant community.

Mayor Marty Small, who often injects race into his public duties, said: “This isn’t a Black city, this isn’t a White city. It’s unfortunate what happened. The matter has been turned over to the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office”.

Mayor Small and his wife, ACHS Principal LaQuetta Small still facing allegations that they didn’t do enough to stop their cousin, accused predator, Kayan Frazier, from engaging with children within the school district.

Atlantic City acting Police Chief James Sarkos said ACPD “is aware of the concerns and complaints from the business community regarding juveniles.

From KD: Cops barely want to get involved because if they look at somebody the wrong way it’s “police brutality” and “social injustice”. Everybody videos everything and sways the stories to make law enforcement look bad. It’s very sad what this world has come to zero respect for law and order in a no conceal/carry (for law abiding citizens) state. We’re doomed.

From BM: Last time I was on that boardwalk it was dirty and didn’t feel safe at all.

From CL: This is similar to dine and dash for restaurants. Something needs to be done for the safety of the Patrons/merchants.

From JM: Stay away from AC. I grew up in that area, as much as I’d love to return, I won’t.

From TL: The worst is yet to come with marijuana being legalized to smoke and buy. Last summer was a mess. Lots of people got robbed on the side streets. Hold on to your valuables it’s gonna get even worse.

From JL: Back in the day, there was plenty of police presence on the boardwalk. Both mobile and foot patrol. Parents cannot get help for unruly kids until the child obtains a legal charge. Some parents attempt to properly raise their kids but get no community support. Nothing for the kids to do. No jobs etc. It is hard to raise a black male in Atlantic City. Now the females are becoming just as bad.


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  1. Police do not want to get involved because of backlash they get by being called raciest if they deal with a black person and they are a white officer. Just look at the video on the boardwalk. Adult blacks acting as if they have no respect for one another let alone the police.

    And as far as the police presence on the boardwalk, there is none. The boardwalk should be flooded with police. Morning and evening. CRDA paid for sixty class two officers to do foot patrol at The Walk stores and Atlantic and Pacific ave. You can’t find one of them. Wait till summer when people on the boardwalk are smoking pot. That should be a real delight.

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