Mayor Meltdown in Atlantic City. Ethics Called into Question on Radio Show.

LISTEN > Hurley in The Morning Radio: The question that set the Atlantic City Mayor off….. was simple but revealing. Mr. Guardian was queried about his Planning Board vote concerning the Flagship Resort.

It’s a fact that the Flagship Ship Resort in Atlantic City donated 10’s of thousands of dollars to the Guardian campaign. That’s fine. Nothing wrong with that, until Flagship Resort applies for a variance from the planning board, where Mayor Guardian holds a seat.

In this case, Mayor Guardian should have ABSTAINED from voting due to the amount of the donation. That’s what Vaughan Reale, a former Margate Mayor thinks.

As heard on the ‘Hurley on The Morning’ radio show. Listen to some clips:

Like the scene where Tom Cruise puts Jack Nicholson into a corner, and Nicholson freaks out.

Mayor Guardian saw that my question was clear, fair and to the point. That freaked him out. He could have lied..or told the truth……but instead……he changed the topic and became unhinged. Like an 8 year old child….he ran down a crazy list of topics, many of which are cryptic and odd……and simply not true.

Sexual orientation had nothing to do the question. Sexual orientation has nothing to do with my sign.

The Mayor filibustered. Avoided answering question: why didn’t you abstain from this clear conflict of interest between you and Flagship Resort?

Padula: the sign signifies what many call the Atlantic City elite.. that they’re gay, is not relevant.

The sign features:

  • The Mayor who presided over a tax RATE hike ( 86% )
  • Former AC councilman John Schultz, currently serving prison time for a tax evasion scheme involving his former AC push-chair business. Former councilman Schultz was also  early pioneer of the MBCA, and was involved with video-taping political scandal.
  • Mr. Schultz is married to Gary Hill, who’s also on the sign. Mr. Hill is a compensated boardmember of the MUA and CRDA. Job description varies.
  • Gary Hill, spouse of Schultz, is still the leader of the MBCA

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