Mazzeo and Armato Increase Pressure on NJ Transit to Open Atlantic City Rail Line.

Continuing efforts to demand answers from NJ Transit on the Atlantic City rail line closure, Assemblymen Vince Mazzeo and John Armato released the following statement on next week’s public meeting with NJ Transit officials:

“Since the day the Atlantic City Rail Line closed in September, riders have waited and waited in anticipation for the line to reopen. But months later, it’s still closed, and NJ Transit has failed to give us a straight answer as to why,” said Mazzeo (D-Atlantic). “We’ve heard from people who depend on the rail line every day to get to work or school, veterans who ride the train to see specialist doctors in Philadelphia, and tourists who come to Atlantic City by rail. After months of inconvenience and struggle, it’s about time they got an explanation. It’s not just transportation we need; it’s transparency.”

“If NJ Transit wants to come to Atlantic City, they better bring answers,” said Armato (D-Atlantic). “The longer the rail line stays closed, the more our city and residents feel the burden. Peak tourism season will be here before we know it, and passengers have already been forced to seek alternate transportation for recent events in Atlantic City. Commuters, tourists, and passengers can’t wait any longer. We stand with our community demanding answers to the tough questions facing NJ Transit, including the biggest of all; Why, after all this time, is the Atlantic City Rail Line still closed?”

The meeting is scheduled for Feb 21 at 6 p.m. at the Atlantic City Rail Terminal.

The AC Rail Line has been shuttered since September 2018. Installing PTC, Positive Traction Control was the reason. This was a tool to stop or slow a train, all to avoid a crash.

The FED says NJ Transit can open the line NOW. The State of NJ says no, they can’t restart the line.

The AC Rail Line was supposed to reopen in early 2019. That date was then pushed back to March 2019. Most recently, reports suggest that re-open date is now…hopefully… June 2019.

NJ Transit Executive Director, Kevin Corbett seemed bored with the public comments. He had more interest in reading his smart phone thru much of the public hearing. Corbett was only able to repeat: the line will reopen sometime in the second quarter.

1 thought on “Mazzeo and Armato Increase Pressure on NJ Transit to Open Atlantic City Rail Line.”

  1. Armato, says he wants illegals to have drivers licenses then we will know where there are living at. Big brother knows that already. Just deport them, I am tired of supporting them . That Authority reports to Democrat Liberal Governor Murphy , his agenda is what he is doing. The trains will not be coming back. The freight trains never left and the passenger trains never had to leave either.Murphy doesn’t care what the senate and the assembly has to say. Just sit down and shut up Mazzeo and Armato. Mazzeo, there is no reason for you to run for re election . This Governor has destroyed your chance of winning the election. Time for you to spend more time with your family and business that You have cost businesses more cost to stay in business. $15 dollar minimum wage over time, higher corporate taxes and mandatory sick time.

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