Media Manipulation of Mayoral Race. Bias of Atlantic City Radio and Newspaper

atlantic city mayor don gaurdian

Listen to the podcast: Having favorable local radio and newspaper coverage can really come in handy. Just ask Atlantic City Mayor, Don Guardian. Listen to clips from WIBG King Arthur Radio…and Harry Hurley Radio.

The Mayor’s seat on the local Planning Board is a powerful position to hold. Especially in regard to the Flagship Resort. Did the Flagship Resort, donating 10’s of thousands of dollars to the Guardian campaign, get preferential treatment?

Media Manipulation of Mayoral Race. Bias of Atlantic City Radio and Newspaper. Pay for Play.

Show Notes:

Mayor Don Guardian not used to people calling him out. A story that should have received media scrutiny, was ignored or glossed over. Mainly, it was diverted to another narrative.

Callers to WOND Radio suggested that the Mayor played ‘gay card’.

Trapped in a corner, unable to answer the question, fired back with accusations and put-downs of a private citizen

Former Atlantic City Councilman Schultz doing prison time. The AC elite. Show me your friends, and I’ll tell you what you are.

‘Devious Don’ says Padula.

Allegation: There was a ‘set-up caller’ on another radio program, designed to pounce, trap & sabotage on Padula.

King Arthur: The other radio host let the Mayor talk all over you. Did the Radio host turn up the volume, allowing the mayor to filibuster, drowning out Mr. Padula on the phone?

Is the ‘sign’ an attack on gays? The Mayor thinks so. Padula says it’s the Atlantic City Elite that rules this town.

Shame on reporter for missing the crux of the story.

Padula: Deflect away from real issue. Don Guardian did not abstain, and voted to approve a dirt lot, take money out of taxpayers pockets, and assist a political donor.

The so-called sign was changed, now featuring a ‘Fire The Liar’ campaign. The billboard highlights 2 critical issues that could keep the bow-tied Guardian from a 2nd term as Mayor of Atlantic City.

Did Mayor Guardian once hire the Calloway team to collect & deliver ballots for the Guardian campaign? Was it a ‘dirty vote’?

Calloway team is a political, legal force to be reckoned with says Padula.

Republicans not endorsing the incumbent. They seem to be running from the Guardian campaign. Freeholder Frank Formica (R) and County Executive, Denny Levinson?

Council President Marty Small (D) and Freeholder Ernest Coursey (D) have endorsed Mayor Guardian.

Deceive and Divert

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