Media Swamp. Conservative Radio Host Hurley Supporting Liberal Candidate Van Drew.

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Van Drew and BFF Harry Hurley

It’s not just the political swamp in Washington DC that needs to be drained. So-called conservative radio in South Jersey could also use a little draining too.

Atlantic City talk show host, Harry Hurley, accused of supporting well-funded Democrats.

Hurley, of WPG 1450 am radio, has been a staunch supportive of those who regularly attack the Trump administration. Ex: Congressman Frank LoBiondo.

In recent on-air interviews, Hurley openly protects long-time friend and congressional candidate, Jeff Van Drew (D).

Jeff Van Drew is involved in a close race against wildcard Seth Grossman (R) for the 2nd Congressional District seat in South Jersey.

Does Hurley only support political candidates that advertise on his radio show?

harry hurley jeff van drew
Hurley Supports Democrat Jeff Van Drew

Hurley’s not shy about his support of Jeff Van Drew. The well-funded Van Drew claims to be an independent-minded ‘maverick’. Van Drew claims to be a moderate politician who will vote his conscious. Van Drew says he won’t let Democrat leaders like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Shumer and Maxine Waters sway his decision. Really.

Well, most don’t believe that’s possible. Recently, Van Drew has already supported some very controversial illegal immigration issues that potentially create public safety issues.

A Lingering, On-Air Stench

While Republicans had John McCain and Frank LoBiondo, there really are no ‘maverick’ Democrats. The Democrats in Congress are very effective at keeping their members in line. If Van Drew, or any elected official goes rogue and strays from the party line, the party leadership will quickly and brutally punish them. Then, they’ll be voted out during the next election cycle.

Conservative WPG Radio Host Harry Hurley supports Liberal Candidate Jeff Van Drew.

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