Dean Malik & The Return of US Patriotism

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Atlantic City area radio listeners received a much-needed patriotic boost on Friday afternoon. Dean Malik; a Pakistani-American with great respect for, and connection with the Muslim Faith, takes a bold stance against those who would kill in the name of their faith. Malik, a Catholic husband & father of 4 from Suburban Philadelphia, was a special guest on the Mel Taylor Radio Show, on WPG Talk Radio 1450, this past Friday, January 8. CLICK ABOVE TO LISTEN.

Mr. Malik recently had his ‘Why I am running for Congress’ post published by the Bucks County Courier Times. Read Malik Post Here

Dean Malik is a Marine Officer, a war veteran and a former Bucks County criminal prosecutor. He’s now running for an 8th district Congressional seat in Pennsylvania.

Dean Malik is uniquely qualified to talk about topics that many would find awkward, and/or politically incorrect.

Click to Listen.


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