Member of NJ Press Association Threatens Congressman Van Drew.

NJ Congressman Jeff Van Drew getting death threats against him and his family from a member of the New Jersey Press? Certainly sounds like it.

Listen to this voice mail left by an Ocean City columnist John McCall, a longtime member of the New Jersey Press Association:

Message left on Van Drew’s Voice Mail

Receiving Death Threats from Local Media Member is Despicable and Has No Place in Our Society

From Vineland Vineland Daily Journal: In a March 10 Ocean City Sentinel column, McCall states about Van Drew, “And as a traitor, he has forfeit this right to protection under the law. Know this V.D.: It doesn’t stop here. … God save you.”

McCall also recently wrote speculatively about sexually assaulting the congressman’s wife and storming his house to “violate his family.”

David Nahan, editor and publisher of the Ocean City Sentinel knew the guest column was vitriolic. Nahan didn’t think it contained any threats of harm.

From AXIOS: A majority of people around the world believe that journalists, government leaders and business leaders are all purposely trying to mislead people by spreading misinformation.

US Congressman Jeff Van Drew shared voice mail audio of a death threat made by Ocean City columnist John McCall, a longtime member of the New Jersey Press Association

From McCall insinuates that Van Drew should be executed for treason, vividly describes invading and destroying his home, and graphically ponders what it would be like to sexually assault his wife over the hood of her car. 

“For far too long calls for violence have gone unchallenged, but today, right here in Cape May County we are drawing a line in the sand. You can come after me with loud words and threats, but if anyone, let alone a member of the Press, thinks they can threaten my wife and my family they’ve got another thing coming,” said Van Drew.

Van Drew: “I am calling on the New Jersey Press Association and the Ocean City Sentinel to forcefully denounce and condemn the threats McCall made against me and my family, to immediately retract his hate-filled editorials, and issue a public apology to my family – until then any and all legal options remain on the table.” 

The Cape May County Sheriff’s Office takes all threats seriously and political violence of any kind will not be tolerated.

Audio of Voicemail from John McCall. Feb 28, 2020:

Columnist John McCall: “I would swear to your demise as a politician and I believe that you personally are a degenerate. As a member of the New Jersey Press Association, I will do everything in my power to ensure that you are deposed if not DEAD. Anything I can do to basically get you out of office, I will do. You are a TRAITOR Jeff Van Drew and you deserve the fate of all TRAITORS.

Columnist John McCall: If I was a cop, I’d tell Van Drew to go hang.”“Van Drew’s mentor has said it’s cool to greet women by grabbing them between the legs. Should we test the acceptability of this remark and get the direct response of a prominent GOP female by greeting Van Drew’s wife with the Republican high-five, lifting her over the hood of her car and objectively recording her physical reaction to the tickle when she lands?”

Columnist John McCall: “Now mini-Trump whimpers when loyal Americans shoot back, disclose his lies, and hold him accountable for his hate-mongering treason. And as a traitor, he has forfeit his right to protection under the law. Know this V.D.: It doesn’t stop here… God save you.” 

Ocean City Sentinel: Van Drew’s Nightmare…Police Come Calling (Page A8 – March 10, 2021)

Ocean City Sentinel: Hold Trump Loyalist Officials Accountable (January 13, 2021)

Columnist John McCall: Like all Trump loyalists, Van Drew and DeVlieger are guilty of subverting the peaceful and equitable functioning of our government. This is treason. And the penalty for treason is execution. That applies to the great and the small, to presidents, congressmen and small town councilmen.

Columnist John McCall: Should conscientious critics take a cue from the armed Republican rioters, storm his house, smash everything, violate his family, and walk away laughing? Would that be silly?”

Columnist John McCall: As democratic defenders of the Republic, facing enemies with no respect for our electoral process or the truth, we are forced to ponder Thomas Jefferson’s grim directive that, for the good of our nation, the tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood of tyrants and traitors.”

Read more at Vineland Daily Journal

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3 thoughts on “Member of NJ Press Association Threatens Congressman Van Drew.”

  1. A hologram of the accusations and threats by national media, cable news and mainstream “entertainers” towards a sitting president for four years. WHO are the degenerates??

  2. And people wonder why no one believes the press anymore. They spew their own hateful rhetoric and think we are dumb enough to lap it up. I am sure that the Press Association mocks him behind his back for his bloodlust and rage. He seems unhinged. Let’s keep a watch on this as he completely implodes with his own hate and vitriol.

  3. Joe Schmuccatelli

    If Nahan read McCall’s pathetic diatribe and did not verify McCall’s claims, then Nahan should be fired.  If Nahan did not review the recording and transcript of McCall’s phone call prior to printing McCall’s rant, then Nahan should be fired.  If Nahan did review the recording and transcript of McCall’s phone call prior to printing McCall’s rant, then Nahan should be fired.  If Nahan cannot be fired then the pathetic rag that he publishes should be sent into receivership via the courts.

    Nahan and McCall have the same traits in common; They are both idiots with some sort of mental disorder who obviously “think” alike and neither of them are actually journalists.  These dopes are the reason why the lucid among us have less trust in the media than we do with the the liars, hypocrites, thieves and politicians who are destroying our country.

    They would have been highly successful if they were employed by Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Mugabe, Castro, Chavez et ceteras…

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