More Tough Love for Atlantic City. Sex Crimes, Drugs, Homeless, Run Down Housing.

FROM PATCH > Lets face it – Atlantic City is a freak show. In a city with 383 streets and more than 180 registered sex offenders in a small city, the people say that Atlantic City needs to get its act together.

A city that should be paved over several times in gold instead has a cluster of run-down motels, an out-sized homeless populace, a large drug-addict community, and more crime than most U.S. cities of its size and population.

The city continues to overlook the inadequate night lighting that makes the areas in front of the casinos robbery heaven .

CRDA is responsible for directing the spending of casino reinvestment funds in public and private projects to benefit Atlantic City. CRDA spending hundreds of millions of dollars. “Where is all that money going?

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