New Jersey Famous For Lack of Election & Voting Integrity

Craig Calloway Skeptical of Atlantic County Democrat Chief, Sulimon.

According to The Press of Atlantic City, New Jersey is one of just five states in which almost NONE of its voting machines have a way to verify that their results are valid.

Did you know? Last year, New Jersey received a $10 million federal grant to help update its voting systems. What did NJ Gov., Phil Murphy do? He spent a majority of that cash on increasing voter registrations from anyone claiming to be a New Jersey citizen…. with NO drivers license or other ID required. This move comes on the heels of NJ diverting monies away from critical Veteran services, and into legal defense service of those considered illegal aliens.

NJ judges have serious concerns about ballot integrity and election fraud.

Remember: A former NJ Governor mandated that all voting machines include a paper backup by 2008. That law has been virtually ignored. Ahhh yes. Only in New Jersey.

New Jersey politicians seem to have little interest in ensuring the integrity of elections.

Read more: Craig Callaway and the legal but controversial, ‘Get Out The Vote’ efforts. Most agree that Calloway wields serious influence on South Jersey elections. Party affiliation doesn’t matter to Craig, only the candidate’s ability to pay for his ballot/voter delivery services. Who reportedly benefited from the Calloway service? The list is long and varied. NJ Congressman Jeff Van Drew (D), NJ Senator Chris Brown (R), AC Mayor Frank Gilliam (D), and former AC Mayor, Don Guardian (R).

Other NewJersey news of note:

Gov Murphy signed into law, legislation that will mandate LGBQT history curriculum in all public schools. Private schools will NOT be required to teach LGBQT history to their enrolled children.

And as predicted by, NJ continues to kill off the last remaining demand for the NJ Transit rail line between Atlantic City and Philadelphia. NJ can no longer blame the Fed, as they OK’ed reopening of the line. So, look for the AC Rail-line shutdown to continue thru the Spring of 2019….and likely longer.

Editor’s note: The shut down, delayed reopening and fiscal mis-management of the AC rail line has forced once loyal ridership, to find other ways to get to work. Either by purchasing a car, or moving closer to their place of employment. Much like the lack of quality air service into AC International Airport, I think we can all kiss the AC Rail Line… goodbye.

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